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-Christan Miller-


I am a full color artist. I specialize in colorwork/watercolor. I love creating your fur babies into a fun and whimsical tattoo or painting. I also do black and gray tattoos, so if color isn't what you want I got you covered.

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Before setting up an appointment please read the following, these are tattoos I won't do.

-Quotes, names, D.O.B's

-Infinity symbols


-Your significant others name

-Basic tattoos

          If you want any small simple tattoos please contact Shannon Kelly for those.

Also note that I WILL NOT start any tattoo after 3:30. You can take the time off of work and schedule a month ahead so you know you have time off of work to come in early.

!!!Only email me!!! If you send me the same message through different platforms I will not respond. I understand you're excited but you need to realize how frustrating that can be for me. I have a lot on my plate and don't need the hassle. It may take me a few days to a week to respond. I promise I'm not ignoring you. 


Shop Minimum


18 yrs+ 

Christan Miller

Time Slot

hours I $260

3 hours | $390

4 hours | $520

6 hours | $780

*All Sunday appointments require

a minimum of a 3 hour time slot.


Thanks! Message sent.

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