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Over the years of tattooing I have come across a lot of women who have felt uncomfortable being tattooed by men. Many but not all male artists can be heavy handed and make a lot of sexual jokes making women uncomfortable. A lot of women come to me because I am a female artist and light handed. Let's just cut to it! Guys love telling dirty jokes at the wrong time right!? How many of you have found yourself partially undressed in an open space with lots of guys standing around eye balling you and saying dirty/stupid jokes. No women should feel vulnerable while getting something that will be permanently marked on her body. That is why my goal is to have my tattoo studio be a safe zone for women. A place to feel comfortable and heck even have mommy time away from the kiddos. This is your time so let's make it the best time.

Tropical Leaves


940 5th ave

New Kensington Pa 15068


Tel: 724-882-4635


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Sun-Sat: Appt Only 

No one under 18 allowed to be tattooed in Eclipse Tattoo not even with parent consent.